Market Potential

Market Potential

Market potential research is a critical process for businesses looking to enter new markets or expand their presence in existing ones. It involves assessing various factors to determine the potential success of a product or service in a specific market.

At Desk Research Group we evaluate the potential of a market, considering various economic, demographic, and competitive factors. It helps businesses identify lucrative market opportunities and make informed strategic decisions.

Market Size & Growth

We assess the current size of the market and its potential for growth



We analyze Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for both the market and competitors

Demographics &


We help analyze

factors such as GDP growth, income levels,

and urbanization trends

Technological Advancements

We help analyze the

impact of technology including AI and automation advisory

Distribution Channel Analysis

We help identify new or underutilized channels for market penetration

Previous Project Work

Market Size and Growth Potential Research

Industry: Shipping and Logistics 

Countries: UK and USA

Retail Market Expansion Research

Industry: Retail and Trade 

Countries: Italy, Ireland, UK and USA

Marketing Growth Review

Industry:Pharmaceutical and Medical Research

Countries: Europe and USA


Research and Product Development

Valentinas Civinskas

MSc Economics

Christopher Hutchinson Finance and Digital Technology Consulting

Christopher Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer
B.comm, CPA, CMA
(Finance, Technology & Strategy)

Strategy consulting and Market Research

Mandy Chandler

Project & Insights Manager

(International Business & Projects)


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