Sustainable Advisory

Sustainability & Social Advisory

Businesses are increasingly expected to contribute positively to society. Embracing sustainability reflects social responsibility, demonstrating a commitment to ethical business practices and the well-being of communities. From reducing carbon footprints to supporting ethical supply chains, Desk Research Group can provide effective strategies and practical solutions.

Our consultants at Desk Research Group can help advise you on the strategic implementation and improvement of these systems to help you make cost savings, implement risk mitigation and attract conscious consumers and employees to your business.

Sustainability Strategy

We help

develop and implement sustainability strategies tailored to your specific industry and goals

Supply Chain Sustainability

We help in

assessing the environmental and social impacts of supply chain activities


We perform

risk assessments to identify potential environmental, social, and governance risks

Education and Training

We provide training and educational programs to increase awareness

Stakeholder Engagement

We assist in developing effective engagement strategies

Some services may be performed in collaboration with one of our approved technology partners.

Previous Project Work

Market Size and Growth Potential Research

Industry: Shipping and Logistics 

Countries: UK and USA

Retail Market Expansion Research

Industry: Retail and Trade 

Countries: Italy, Ireland, UK and USA

Marketing Growth Review

Industry:Pharmaceutical and Medical Research

Countries: Europe and USA


Research and Product Development

Valentinas Civinskas

MSc Economics

Christopher Hutchinson Finance and Digital Technology Consulting

Christopher Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer
B.comm, CPA, CMA
(Finance, Technology & Strategy)

Strategy consulting and Market Research

Mandy Chandler

Project & Insights Manager

(International Business & Projects)


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