Human Resources 

Human Resources 

Many businesses outsource some HR tasks so that they can focus on their core functions. The decision to outsource specific HR activities depends on the organization's goals, resources, and the expertise required for each function.


At Desk Research Group we provide HR services such as candidate interviews, reference checks, candidate selection, performance appraisals, employee engagement surveys and training. We also offer HR consulting and strategic advice on organizational development and talent management. It's essential to choose reputable outsourcing partners and at Desk Research Group, we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their values and objectives so as to achieve the best outcome.

Desk Research Group Strategic HR Services



We help

by offering insights and guidance that align with long-term goals and visions



In a rapidly changing world, continuous learning is essential for adapting to new technologies and industries


We help scale your HR services up or down based on needs, providing greater flexibility


We help with businesses implement best practices that align with their industry

Tailored HR Solutions

We provide personalized HR solutions that align with you specific business model and industry

Some services may be performed in collaboration with one of our approved technology partners.

Previous Project Work

Market Size and Growth Potential Research

Industry: Shipping and Logistics 

Countries: UK and USA

Retail Market Expansion Research

Industry: Retail and Trade 

Countries: Italy, Ireland, UK and USA

Marketing Growth Review

Industry:Pharmaceutical and Medical Research

Countries: Europe and USA


Research and Product Development

Valentinas Civinskas

MSc Economics

Christopher Hutchinson Finance and Digital Technology Consulting

Christopher Hutchinson

Chief Executive Officer
B.comm, CPA, CMA
(Finance, Technology & Strategy)

Strategy consulting and Market Research

Mandy Chandler

Project & Insights Manager

(International Business & Projects)


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